Incredible Hulk Obama Action Figure

Ron English’s iconic superhero Obama action figure seems to act like a metaphor to all things that have been bothering the present American President.

Perhaps, everyone is expecting him to be a superhero just like Hulk, who can fix wars and diplomatic rows abroad, and manage internal economic and political issues. Unfortunately, Obama is only human, and may not be able to act like this funny Incredible Hulk/Obama action figure. The action figure however may never reach the market and it is not meant for sale anyway. There could be other interpretations to this action figure as well. For instance, Obama has actually been a superhero in terms of gay rights, and also as a role model for people of different races. However, being a role model to citizens is not the primary job of being a president and Obama would indeed need to act like a superhero if he wants to fix all the issues within U.S. and of course in various troubled regions across the world. President Obama has a lot to worry about right from Iran to the unemployment rates back at home. Of course, the recent Occupy Protests didn’t help him much either and staunch GOP supporters have criticised him for all the promises that he didn’t keep. Even the Democrats have been sceptical about a number of things that may happen eventually in the U.S. under Democrats. Maybe, it is also a covert call to Obama to become tough, hardline and more assertive when it comes to handling critics in GOP and also when it comes to dealing with diplomats abroad. If you like Obama too much and would like to get some merchandise for yourself, you could also take a look at the Barack Obama Talking Gadget. The Super Obama World Game is a great way to spend a boring Sunday afternoon without moving an inch from your living room.