Barnes and Noble Nook For Android App Finally Updated

After what seems like an interminable wait, Barnes and Noble has finally released the newest update for their Nook app for Android. This app is of course geared towards the Android tablets rather than the smart phones but it is still a widely welcomed update.

This particular update is meant to take advantage of the Nook Color’s ability to bring magazines, comics and graphic novels to their readers with stunning clarity and it is for this reason that the app has only been updated for tablets. According to Barnes and Noble, the app update will only work on Android devices that have an 800 x 480 screen resolution. One bit of good news is that while most major updates are being limited to devices that run the Android 3.x such as the Motorola Xoom, this particular update will also work on tablets that are slightly older and are running the Android 2.x operating system such as the Galaxy Tab.

As usual the app update is completely free and is available right now and can be had in any number of different venues, including the regular Android Market, Verizon’s V Cast Apps, Verizon’s V Cast Apps, AppsLib, and GetJar depending on who you trust as your personal Android app supplier.

The newest Barnes and Noble Nook app for Android means that the eReader giant has put Google’s eBook app in the rear view mirror when it comes to the number of people who will be using each service. While this may seem a bit of a double edged sword for Google since they are the ones who own and operate the Android OS, more people using Android tablets and devices that run their operating systems can only be considered good news.

For the most part, books and graphic novels in the Nook library cost right around $10 while subscription costs vary greatly.  One bonus to the new app is that users can try out subscriptions to full color available apps for a two-week period before they have to cough up any money.  This particular feature was borrowed from Amazon’s Kindle library.  The two week trial allows readers to definitively decide whether they like a particular publication, while those publications benefit because they are able to attract readers who might not ordinarily take a look.

Via: Electronista