Turn Your Heads Towards HeadPlay Headsculpts

Many of us have a hobby – that of creating or collecting miniature. We try to create shrunk replicas of figures, objects, plants and even human figures. There is an inbuilt charm in all miniatures and these tend to tickle the child within all of us. Miniature action figures created by various companies are always a favorite for all – children and adults alike.

One company producing amazing look-alike figures in the 1/6 scale segment is Headplay. This particular company has successfully created a range of figures that represent some of the very famous personalities of the world. They may be Hollywood actors, political leader, singers etc. The resemblance is so accurate that it hardly takes a second for a viewer to recognize the character. Every minute detail of the face is well etched out with perfect skin tone, hair color, face contours and expressions.

The latest set revealed by Headplay consists of a set of head sculpts of a mix of character. There are both male and female and from across the globe. The males includes head sculpts of Anthony, Tadanobu, Jack, Liev, Jackie and Christian. The females on the other hand are the very popular Angelina and Natalie.

Many of the Headplay collections come as a complete set with all body parts. The detached parts are meant to be put together to be made into a complete human figure. This latest set does not have a set of body parts to which the head can be attached to. However, the head proportion has been made in a way to help it fit onto any standard 1/6 scale body figure. According to the creator of the head sculpt these can comfortably fit most Hot toys, TTL and BBI style bodies. So with one set of body you can create more than one character by simply changing the head.

This hobby of ‘miniaturism’ was developed way back in the 1960s when the company named Hasbro launched its set of G I Joe action figures. These figures originally had only military men. With time, the charm faded and sales declined. However, in the 1990s Hasbro once again launched its 1/6 scale figures but this time as a Classic Collection which was targeted towards adults. Soon other players entered the market and the business of creating miniature figures caught on. Now there are a large number of players in the market all aiming to get their product noticed. At the end of the day it is the player with the best skill set that steals the limelight. Headplay is surely one of the front runners now with an amazingly accurate representation of all its chosen characters.

If this is something that makes you learn more about such art, I am sure you will be equally impressed with the works of Steampunk Iron Man Figure, Luigi Mech and Michael Jackson Figurine.

Via: Toys R Evil