Google eBooks Live for Android, Apple and Other Devices

Google eBooks was just revealed, providing a huge library of over 3 Million eBooks to the different gadgets, readers and devices we use.

Available only in the US at the moment, book lovers will be able to browse through millions of different titles available at Google eBooks which may be stored in your Google cloud account or synced with your preferred devices such as: Android, iPhone, iPad, Nook, Laptop, Netbook, Tablet and many more.

With the storing and syncing ability, you will have access to your downloaded titles anytime you have an Internet connection, as you would with a regular Gmail account. As in actual Google eBooks apps for your more ‘portable’ devices, they are already available for Android phones such as the new Nexus S, Apple’s iPhone and also the iPad. Moreover, users will be

able to change their Font style, size, spacing, justification and even have an automatic bookmark, which will open at their next Google eBooks session.

There are many various readers available in the market, yet with Google eBooks opening up, it allows many to have a choice of provider of these books, and with the huge database, you are sure to find something good to read.

You can browse through the many titles available at the new Google eBooks, which include free books, books for sale and also additional information to search through.

google ebooks application

Via: Google