Barta Fett: When Boba Fett meets Bart Simpson

If you love the way the Bart Simpson looks then your love and interest for it will double right after you see the Barta Fett, a very cute toy that was created by mixing together the Bart Simpson and some insane yet funny looking Boba-Fett gear.

As Bart Simpson is already an amazing figure, it looks absolutely adorable and worth to steal one’s attention simply with its big head gears and with those huge eyes popping out. This time, it was the outlandish imagination and creativity of Nikejerk that you all are given such an opportunity to see the Barta Fett, a Bart Simpson wearing that lovely Boba Fett head gear. As only images of the Barta Fett are out, the height of the toy has not been made clear but it can be speculated that it is some 8 inches tall.

A close view of the Barta Fett toy is much needed at this point as words aren’t enough to express how adorable it looks and how big and funny the head gear appears like on its head.

Barta Fett

This is the first view of the Barta Fett from Nikejerk. It looks like shocked and surprised, isn’t it? This is the front view of the toy without the helmet which can also be fixed on its head because the helmet is removable. The spikes of its hair in which the helmet locks with keeps the helmet steady and in place.

A separate view of the helmet while fixed on Barta’s head is shown in this image. Along with it are other accessories and weapons which make this look really dangerous!

Barta Fett front

Barta Fett Gear

If you were wondering how dangerous would the Barta Fett look with that big helmet on, then here it is. Rather than looking dangerous, it appears more like a very cute toy that anybody would love to get. Because the helmet weighs more than this toy can handle, its legs are fixed on the ground to stand firmly.

The side view of the Barta Fett looks as if  it’s the gun really heavy. More than holding the gun, Barta is found dragging it!

Barta Fett side

Check out the Barta Fett – Back. Can you see the jet pack on its back? WOW! So, does that mean that Barta Fett can fly like a speedy rocket as well?

Barta Fett back

So, now here it is the close view of the Barta Fett; all set with his head gear on.

Barta Fett close

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