Packun Flower Cake

We’ve seen our fair share of video game cakes, a lot of which are in the Mario category. The Mario series games are popular amongst people who aren’t even avid gamers. It is one of those casual types of games that Nintendo tends to offer. It is also one of the first games that we have been playing since the Nintendo Gaming System. Granted the characters and graphics have developed quite a bit since then, most of the basic ideas are still there. One of these are the baddies such as the Packun flowers- and the backer of this particular Mario cake decided to use this particular flower.


The concept of this cake is pretty simple. Like all the games, the flower on this cake is coming out of a tube. This cake is unbelievably hilarious mostly because the flower is dominating the entire cake and underneath is a tiny Mario with a face that implies that he can’t be beaten. The mere size of the flower states otherwise and even the turtle is miniscule compared to it. Perhaps someone is rooting for Browser and mapping out the ways that can aid him in finally defeating Mario.

Flower close

This cake is amazing not only because the baker put so much detail into the larder packun flower, but as well as the amount of detail he placed at the base of it- the part of the cake which isn’t even the main feature. He included Mario, and Princess Peach, and as well as some of the other baddies such as the ball and chain dog. He also added a cute little mushroom and star, and has painted the background like that in one of the worlds with icing.


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Via: Mungie Cakes.