Batman’s Tumbler Replica Made From Recycled PS2s

Not only does it come in black, but this awesome replica of Batman’s tank vehicle – The Tumbler – from The Dark Knight is made from a couple of PlayStation 2 consoles.

Batman Tumbler Replica Recycled PS2 by Daniel Shankalonian image 1

Sooner or later every console bites the dust. It’s just a fact of all our beloved gaming devices. Usually what happens afterwards, hopefully if you’re a responsible person, is a quick trip to the recycling plant, but what if instead you could turn your dead console into something new – and I don’t just mean a plastic Mountain Dew bottle or a roll of toilet paper.

Batman Tumbler Replica Recycled PS2 by Daniel Shankalonian image 2

Using a couple of broken-down PlayStation 2 systems, Daniel Shankalonian ripped apart both to make a replica of Batman’s Tumbler vehicle from the recent trilogy of Batman films directed by Christopher Nolan. Amazingly, it’s a fantastic looking miniature; heck, if I just glanced at it for a second and walked away, I would have thought it to be a professionally made one.

What’s probably more amazing though, is the fact that its entirely made from recycled parts off other electronics. If you look closely the front two wheels of the Tumbler resembles a spindle from a hard drive, and the back ones seem to be from a dot matrix printer I used back in Jr. High (I’m old, I know), which is a novel little touch by Daniel.

Batman Tumbler Replica Recycled PS2 by Daniel Shankalonian image 3

Size-wise, the Batman Tumbler measures around 9 1/2 inches long and 4 1/2 inches in width, which makes this recycled replica way bigger than a Hot Wheel. And if you have $250.00(USD), it can be yours, sold directly from Daniel’s Etsy page. You can also check out some of this other marvelous toys there as well, also made from recycled electronics.

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