19 Incredible Artworks of Batman Villains

If you’d have to pick just one villain gallery from all the bad guys out there trying to ruin it for our favorite superheroes, Batman’s stable of his buddies from Arkham, in my opinion, should get the vote for the best cast.


Let’s hope this character gets a better treatment than the previous cinematic adaptation in Batman & Robin.


Once in a Tim Burton film, second time in one of the worst pictures of all time. Lets hope the Anne Hathaway version does a little better than the previous attempts.

Harley Quinn

The lighter, funner side of the Joker.



The Joker isn’t just Batman’s greatest villain, or DC’s best villain. It’s not even about the best villainous character in all of comics. The Joker might just be the greatest evil character ever conceived and portrayed on any medium.

Killer Croc

Every great hero needs a reptile-villain in his life.

Mr. Freeze

The Penguin

Hard to take a Penguin seriously, when he’s supposed to be some evil nemesis, although the Penguin does have his snitch moments when he’s almost working for the good guys.

Poison Ivy

The Riddler


As a child, this was always the character the frightened me the most. That was probably the whole idea behind him; not to scare just batman, but the kids watching the animated show.


Just like Heath Ledger’s Joker, Aaron Eckhart’s performance and make up changed the way people draw Two-Face for the last four years.