Batman’s Tumbler Can Be Yours For $1 Million USD

Batman’s Tumbler (yes, we mean the car, the “new” batmobile, not his Tumblr blog) can be yours if you have some money to spare. Keep reading to find out how!


This isn’t the actual car from the movies, but an incredible well made replica based off of the design seen in the Dark Knight trilogy. It has a 8 cilinder LS1 Chevrolet engine, and has many gadgets for the driver such as 5 cameras for blind spots, GPS, CD/DVD player (what music would Batman listen to?) and can also be connected to the driver’s iPod/iPhone.



The seller had created 5 replicas, and put them up for sale at the James Edition website, but turns out they are completely sold out as of now. Still, if you have that $1 million needed for the car, keep an eye open, ’cause you never know when we’ll get a second batch.



Source: Nerdgasmo

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