Beam, the smart projector that works like a lamp

A group of engineers from LA are working on a solution to the issue of sharing media with groups without having to carry screens around. This solution is Beam.

Beam smart projector 1

In the last few years several users and media enthusiasts have switched from screens to projectors, after growing frustrated at trying to find a good, proper screen. And while a projectors’ quality is undeniable, they are severely lacking in the portability field – that is, unless this KickStarter turns out right. What you see in this feature is called beam, and it can turn any flat surface into a giant screen from a little projector that can be plugged in like any bulb.

Beam is a mini projector with a computer inside that allows users to play games, watch movies, or share content from smartphones or tablets on any wall. Using an app for either Android or iOS Beam can be configured as a projector, and by connecting it to any light socket or plugging it straight to a wall using its companion cable it will turn into a giant, light and portable screen of sorts.

Beam smart projector 2

Beam can be associated with any Android or iOS gadget, but also works by itself and allows users to watch TV, play games, project recipes on the kitchen or even reproduce music through its speakers. Beam is all about versatility, giant screens and portability, and we can’t think of any other gadgets where these three values meet. Furthermore, the visual aspect isn’t compromised either: Beam is quite pretty, as you can tell in these pics.

This project will be brought to life via a Kickstarter project, where they have already gotten the money for the initial development, and have doubled what they asked for tackling some of the famous stretch goals, adding new features and characteristics to Beam itself. If you like what you see, you should know you can buy one for some $400 USD – at least before it reaches its commercial stage.