Xbox One burgers being sold in China

Forget about the food chains you know, now it’s all about getting sandwiches themed after the consoles you like – and if the one you picked was the Xbox One, you need to see what the Chinese did.

Xbox Burger 1

Console wars, food wars, war, war never changes. What does change is our dietary preferences and now we absolutely feel like having an Xbox One themed burger, like the ones you can currently buy in China.

Xbox Burger 2

These are the first few leaked pictures of the official Xbox One burger, a product of Microsoft and the Chinese fast food chain Triple-O’s. These stores will be open in Hong Kong throughout March, and will not only sell food but also have dedicated space to the console and the games themselves, now that consoles are being sold again in China after many, many years.

The burger itself is not a special burger, but the regular Chicken Supreme Burger from the chain with special sauce and Xbox One packaging – but they really drive the point home by theming the entire restaurant after Microsoft’s console, with the entire business dressed in green and Xbox logos on the tables.

Xbox Burger 4

Anyone getting an Xbox One in China in the next few weeks will be also getting a special coupon for a burger, although you can buy the burger without having to get a console first if you just walk into the store.

This is the same marketing technique Activision uses in the west with select chains and their Call of Duty promotions, yet it’s a first for China, and the first time a console maker does it themselves as far as we are aware. Now we want a Triple-O in our area so we can try these…

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