Beer Efficiency Score [Infographic]

It’s St. Patrick’s Day again, and once again Americans have an excuse to drink way more than is considered socially acceptable. Although I’m not a real heavy drinker, I’m going to celebrate my partially Irish heritage with an infographic.

This infographic  comes to us from our friends at as a public service to all you party animals out there. It lists all the various beers by alcohol content, in descending order.

Samuel Adams Triple Rock comes out on top, followed by Rhinebacker and Bud Light, surprisingly. The other major light beers in the U.S. score pretty high, including Michelob Ultra and Miller Lite, among others. I guess they have to make up for the taste somehow. (Ouch!) Good news for those drinking Guinness Foreign Extra Stout on St. Paddy’s Day: it scores toward the higher end with a little over .05 percent alcohol. The maximum for the beers is around .06 percent.

Another surprsiing finding: the “craft” beers score lower on alcohol content, Like Sam Adams Boston Lager, Widmer (I’m in Oregon, can’t leave that one out), and Sierra Nevada Porter . Since they’re intended to be enjoyed slowly rather than being slammed down, I guess they make up for it by actually tasting good. Sam Adams Cream Stout is dead last at just under .03 percent alcohol by volume.

Whatever you’re drinking, we want you to have a safe holiday, so drink in moderation (yeah, right) or pace yourself, at least. Definitely plan on having someone else take you home, or take the bus, or just stagger home and sit down to a heaping plate of corned beef and cabbage, if you can keep it down after all that booze.

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