12 Awesome Behind the Scenes Lord of the Rings Photos

While the Lord of the Rings trilogy, in its cinematic form, is already a decade-old, it never gets old looking back at this amazing accomplishment, this time taking a look at behind the scenes of the fantasy series about a Hobbit fighting the odds to destroy a powerful ring, with the help of a few friends.

Gandalf the Grey Grabbing a Bite

Gandlaf Lunch

Boromir Practicing Before His Death


Even Saruman & Grima Take Orders From Someone

Grima & Saruman

Gandalf the White Reading in a Language He Will Not Utter Here

Gandalf the White

Theoden & Gandalf, old pals

Gandalf & Theodon

A Little trick on the eyes

A little size trickery


Isengard Flooded


The Men Who Built Minas Tirith

Minas Tirith

The Nazgul Don’t Like Being in the Rain

Nazgul Shade

Judge Dredd in his Blonde Days

Dredd and Friends

Frodo in his Spider-Food Mode

Frodo in his Spider Mode

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