Honeywell Lyric Smart Thermostat Puts Nest to the Test

Nest made big news at the beginning of this year, when Google bought it, and for a second there, it seemed that this is the only smart thermostat on the market. Honeywell Lyric wants to remind people otherwise.

As of today, Honeywell Lyric is available from HVAC contractors, and sometime in August, Lowe’s stores will start carrying it, as well. The minimalistic design is not the only similar aspect between Nest and Lyric, as the two smart thermostats also share quite a few features. Still, Honeywell’s product takes a slightly different approach, as it actually represents a complete platform designed from the ground up around the idea of smart homes.

Honeywell means to manufacturer much more than a simple smart thermostat. In this company’s vision, smart homes should be equipped with multiple appliances that automate various functions. The manufacturer started with small steps, the first of them being the Lyric smart thermostat. This small device can be easily controlled via a smartphone or tablet, to which it connects via Wi-Fi. Companion apps for both iOS and Android are currently available.

Since there are so many similarities between Nest and Lyric, some might wonder what are the aspects that differentiate these two smart thermostats. Most notably, Lyric features geofencing, something that is said to be the next step in the evolution of these devices.

Simply put, geofencing means that Lyric has a working regimen that depends on whether a specific person is at home or not. Users can choose between a 7-mile or a 500-foot radius, and whenever they go out of that area, the thermostat sets the temperature to an energy-saving preset.

Another interesting feature is represented by Fine Tune, a feature that increases Lyric’s accuracy by checking the temperature both indoors and outdoors, and correlating it with humidity and upcoming weather conditions. Using all these variables, Lyric manages to find the best options for your ambient temperature, so that you are as comfortable as possible.

Lyric is carrying a price tag of $279, so even pricewise this product is very close to its competition. People’s preferences regarding the best smart thermostat for their homes depend quite a lot on their needs. One will have to compare the two and figure out which suits his needs best.

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