Best 2017 Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Smart Home Locks

You don’t need to spend a lot of money in order to set yourself up with a smart home. Today you can find great gadgets that will make your home smarter without breaking your piggy bank. From controlling your lights to feeding your pet, a good smart home is all about delegating your daily tasks to a device, and making your life easier overall.


Making your home smarter doesn’t mean neglecting your home safety. Today you can find lots of smart-locks solutions that will transform your old fashioned door lock to an innovative one. Some smart locks will be operated by wifi, while others via Bluetooth; but all smart locks in this list have one thing in common: They are easy to install and use a better encryption to increase digital security. Check out our best 2017 bluetooth & Wi-Fi smart home locks.

Schlage Connect – Touchscreen Deadbolt With alarm


Schlage locks are on of the better known and loved home locks. They have been around for almost 90 years. You can be be sure that there locks are powerful, sturdy and up to the task. The Schlage locks are all about luxury and giving you the best experience in smart home locks. It’s relatively easy to install & use. Using the Z-wave technology, it can connect you remotely via the web or your smartphone to your home and lets you lock or unlock your door remotely.

Kwikset Kevo Touch-to-Open Bluetooth Smart Lock 

best-2017-smart-lock-wifi-kwikset-kevo-touch-to-open-bluetoothWith Kwikset lock, your Smartphone is also your key. This Bluetooth lock has a cool feature: Kevo will recognize you approaching your front door and will unlock when touched, so your phone can stay in your pocket or purse. Kevo also offers an advanced SmartKey security which provides a strong resistance against lock picking and lock bumping.

Yale Real Living Keyless Touchscreen Deadbolt with Z-Wave


The Yale lock is easy and fast to install using a screwdriver on standard doors. You can store in this lock up to 250 Pin codes, so you can create one code for each user. It also has a privacy mode (all code lockout), a voice guided programming in 3 languages. Unlocking and locking your house is super easy using its backlit touchscreen keypad. The Yale lock has classic look for those who aren’t fans of hi-tech designs.

August Smart Lock


This is probably the most techie looking lock on the list. The August lock converts your smartphone to your smart key. Using your smartphone, you can lock and unlock your door, control who has access and who doesn’t, as well as other neat features.

ZKTeco Bluetooth Biometric Door Lock


We close our list with a relative newcomer. With the ZKTeco lock, you have a  keyless access to your home using your iOS or Android smartphone. You can also keep track of visitors, see a detailed log of who has entered and exited your home and a lot more interesting data. If love analysing and crunching digits over meaningless things, this is the perfect lock for you.

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