10 Cool Remote Control Toys For Your Inner Child

Toys in general aren’t just for kids. That’s especially true for remote control toys. Each time one of my boys gets one, you can be sure that my husband is the one who ends up spending more time than anyone playing with it.


You are never too old for a little RC fun. Go back in time and feel like a child; Check out these 10 cool remote control systems we found that your inner geek child would love to get.

Syma Remote Control Helicopter


The Syma Helicopter is very easy to fly, it has a fairly decent range and gives you a pretty good amount of fly time. Also, a nice little fact is that the remote is multi-channel so you can fly more than one helicopter at the same time.

Voyager Remote Control Boat


Perfect for the pool or even a lake, this RC boat features a rugged ABS anti-tilt hull and a water-cooled motor. This is a great toy for those who spend a lot of time near water and can experience the fun of a remote control toy among the waves.

Doctor Who R/C Flying TARDIS

remote-control-tardis-dr-who-best-rt-toys-2017A flying Tardis?!? All I can say about this geeky RC toy is, YES PLEASE!

Sphero Star Wars BB-8 App Controlled Robot


This is top sellers of 2016 when it comes to RT toys, and might be in 2017 as well. The Sphero bb-8 is a new take on remote controlled toys. It is operated through an iOS & Android compatible app. This toy is more about Star Wars rather than speed, but it’s definitely cool and fun to use.

Star Trek Enterprise Quadcopter

best-geeky-remote-control-star-trek-enterprise-quadcopterStar Trek fans, you are going to love this one. Let’s be honest: It doesn’t matter how well this remote controlled Enterprise is going to fly, you are going to love it anyway. This is an utterly impressive looking toy. It’s an authentic replica design with exceptional details and has real lights and 10 authentic Star Trek sounds, including the phaser sound effect.

HOSIM All Terrain RC Car


Thanks to its powerful brush 390 motors this truck is amazingly fast, and you also get some excellent off-road performance, in the grass, on the pavement and even dirt. 

RC Battling Tanks


RC tanks are cool, and in this pack you get two infrared radio remote control battle Tanks, packed with realistic tank sounds such as an engine running, cannon fire and more, super cool feautres.

Roboraptor Toy


This Roboraptor comes fully assembled and ready to roam the earth. Now you can control your very own Dino.

Maisto R/C Rock Crawler Radio Control Vehicle

best-remote-control-maisto-rc-rock-crawler-radio-control-vehicleThis monster truck is all about giving you the best rugged off-road action experience. It may not be the fastest R/C toy on this list, but it’s affordable, and you totally get a bang for your buck and more.

BlueFit German Tiger Remote Control Tank


This remote controlled Tank is extraordinarily detailed so it will look like a real tank. With this toy Tank, you can go just about anywhere, with this fantastic RC toy also capable of doing a 360-degree spin in the same place.

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