The Best Fan Art of 2013

Before you head off and start devouring new adaptations to your favorite comic book, movie and cartoon characters in 2014, take a look and remember some of the best artworks and different interpretations the previous year had to offer.

Han Solo & Chewie in a box

Han Solo & Chewie


by jpzilla.

Alien Playing With Kitty & Ripley



by Otto Schmidt

Leonardo is the Only one Left



by DeadPea.

Fear & Loathing With Mike and Sulley

Fear and Lothing Monsters


by PTimm.

Batman Beyond

Batman Beyond


by James Zapata.

Supergirl on the Cover of Justice Magazine

Supergirl on Justice Magazine


by Artgerm.

Humanized Timon, Pumbaa, Simba

Humanized Timon, Pumbaa, Simba


by chacckco.

The Iron Chef

The Iron Chef

by KM33

Things That Come out of the Pipe

The Pipe


by Naolito.

The Best of the Million Disney Princesses Works out There



by joel27.

Sugar Rush: Double Dash

Sugar Rush Double Dash


by MasaBowser.

Mad Love Between Harley & Joker

Mad Love


by ArtistAbe.

Monsters INC and Up all Mixed up

Up Inc


by chrisraimoart.

GTA Otto Style

GTA Otto Style


by DanLuVisiArt.

A Badass Explorer & her Monkey

Badass Explorer


by KM33.

Bert & Ernie

Bert & Ernie


by DanLuVisiArt.

Wonder Woman at her Most Beautiful

Beautiful Wonder Woman

Ariel in her Jedi Form

Jedi Ariel


by pushfighter

Sideshow Bob – The Oz Version

Sideshow Bob


by Gris Grimly.

Crossover of the Shepards and the Luteces

The Illusion of Choice


by bigcman321.

If you wanna check out how last year looked, get a load of the best from 2012.