A Compilation of the Best Mario Kart 8 Death Stares

A YouTube member brings together the best captures of the Mario Kart 8 death stares.

Mario Kart 8 Death Stare Luigi image

Who knew in 2014 that the words “Nintendo” and “Internet meme” would exist in the same sentence? But as much as they were being laughed at a few years back for treating the Internet with the same baffled, ignorance that old people have when being confronted with all things Internet-related, the company has surprisingly grasped the medium (i.e. their Nintendo Directs) and used it to their full marketing advantage as of late.

It’s that quick understanding of the Internet age that is partly to thanks for the now famed “Mario Kart 8 Death Stare”, in which a highlight video of a race that first appeared on YouTube catches Luigi fiercely staring down one of his kart-racing rivals with the ire of a thousand suns after bumping them off course with a green-turtle shell. The clip only lasts less than 30 seconds, but it’s possibly the funniest thing I’ve seen all year.

And the collective Internet agrees. Not only that, but in its wake a great bounty of similar videos, featuring other Mario Kart 8 characters, have been created and shared. Below you can watch a montage culled from around the web (via YouTube user Koomaxxx) that presents a “best of” of the Mario Kart 8 death stare and all it’s hilarity.

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