15 of the Very Best YouTube Channels

With even more videos being uploaded to YouTube than ever, it can be difficult to find the best ones. Here’s our round up of very best YouTube has to offer.

What makes the medium of videos so popular? Is it the idea that a picture can speak 1000 words and a video is comprised of many of them, all compressed into a moving medium? Or, is it the fact that with listening to music being one of the leading pastimes and video giving us the chance to combine both music and images, it’s effectively a sure-thing for killing time. Or maybe, most of all, videos are popular for entertainment value, giving us laughs or inspiring thoughts and interesting stories with just a few minutes of our time. No matter what the answer to that is, YouTube is one of the leading ways that we access, watch and share videos, seeing the video streaming service host its own music awards show, become one of the most used search engines in the world (yes, just like Google), with over 1 billion hours of video uploaded to it every month.

However, while the draw of YouTube is certainly explainable, with the proof very much being in the stats that Internet surfers love their video, the question of what we’re being drawn to is another kettle of highly entertaining fish. As discussed yesterday, plenty of us flock to YouTube to watch the latest and greatest music videos, but YouTube has inspired an entire generation of video makers, with less and less being of the musical variety (though there are a lot of those too). Some people host their own shows, others simply upload videos of themselves singing, but with the high volume of video on YouTube, it’s difficult to find the best.

Here’s our gallery round-up of all 15 YouTubers that we think are worth watching.