21 Biggest Box Office Hits of All-Time

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Time to check out the most successful movies of all-time based on their box office figures. The rankings of the 21 films are based on their box office gross when adjusted for inflation per 2010 figures, which means more recent released have been dialed back, although it didn’t change their spot on the chart. You’ll find plenty of James Cameron, a lot of Star Wars, quite a few Steven Spielberg, and even 3 movies from the 1930’s, including the two first animated features by Dinsey.

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21. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2: A perfect example of how strong this series was on film, the 8th Harry Potter film (the second part of the split 7th book) made $1.342 billion after its 2011 release, which is $1.286 billion worldwide when adjusted for inflation. It broke 16 different box office records at the time.

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20. Avengers – Age of Ultron: It didn’t matter that the second Avengers film was far inferior to the first. The 2015 release made just over $1.4 billion worldwide, which is $1.292 billion when adjusted for inflation around the world. The next officially titles Avengers movie, Infinity War, will come out in 2018.