Boba Fett Light-Up Stained Glass Helmet

Just when you thought stained glass art and Star Wars were cool enough on their own, this lamp brings you the best of both worlds. Introducing the Boba Fett stained glass helmet, and take note, it lights up! Talk about a snazzy-looking night light or desk lamp.

Boba Fett Stained Glass Helmet 1

Taken from the Deviant Art gallery of user mclanesmemories, this awesome lamp is made of more than a thousand pieces of glass. According to the creator, this Boba Fett lamp was inspired by classic Tiffany lamps which were intricately designed with various colors of glass. Some of the oldest lamps of this variety have been around since 1895.

Boba Fett Stained Glass Helmet 2

On a more futuristic note, the creator merged the love of Star Wars with the eclectic look of the classic Tiffany lamps. Who would have thought a lighting fixture could look so cool? The dimensions for this Boba Fett stained glass helmet resemble the actual prop used in the movie. If this lamp was wearable, it can fit around a person’s normal-sized head. But we like it displayed as it is.

Boba Fett Stained Glass Helmet 3

Boba Fett Stained Glass Helmet 4

Boba Fett Stained Glass Helmet 5

Checking it out from all angles, one can’t help but marvel at the creator’s attention to detail. Whichever way you look at it, this lamp is an awesome accent piece for your home. Unfortunately though, there is no indication whether the creator will be selling this piece. If you did buy it, your guests will surely want to have one of their own, too.

If you want to show off your Star Wars mania even more, you can install these Star Wars stained glass panels, too. Stained glass pieces with a Star Wars theme, now that’s a geeky interior designer’s dream!

If Boba Fett happens to be your favorite Star Wars character, you will definitely enjoy looking at Liam Brazier’s stunning Star Wars illustrations. You may also want to get your own Boba Fett Spartan helmet to complete your collection.