Re-Envisioned Cereal Box Characters

Part of the magic of morning cereals are, believe or not, the characters on the boxes. The mascots, like Tony the Tiger, Count Chocula, Trix Rabbit and Cap’n Crunch, are probably 50% of why kids choose to eat this brand or the other.

Once in a while, these guys need a bit of refreshing and shaking up. Decades of staying the same doesn’t work, so luckily, there are some creative people out there to give these guys the right kind of 21st century design.

For example, Guillermo Fajardo, who took the four most popular mascots and turned them into something a bit different, a bit more modern.

Fajardo gave them kind of a surreal, insane treatment, which makes them feel a bit more adult-like then they should, but I doubt he’ll find anyone who wouldn’t think these were awesome to look at.

Tony the Tiger (Frosted Flakes)

Count Chocula (General Mills)

Cap’n Crunch

Trix Rabbit

For Fajardo’s Facebook page and other works, go here. If you wanna see more Cereal Box art, here’s a nice post from last year about pop culture cereal boxes. For Star Wars fans, there’s this to enjoy.