It’s Alive! LEGO Frankenstein Set

It’s alive … it’s alive! Well, it’s actually still inanimate, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome. The Monster Mash never looked so brick-tastic.

On MOCpages, LEGO creators make scenes from popular culture including movies, TV shows and video games. In this case, Mr. Xenomurphy has brought an old movie masterpiece to life.


The idea for this rendition of Frankenstein didn’t come from a contest to make the scariest LEGO creation. The inspiration came from finding the Frankenstein creature in a mini figure set produced by LEGO.

Mr. Xenomurphy does a great job producing a gothic theme in the set. The ceiling height really adds to the classic gothic architecture and stays true to the scary castle scene in each movie version ever created.


I imagine this is before Frankenstein’s monster wakes up and goes on a killing spree, because Victor is still looking pretty pleased with his creation. There is definitely no lack of identity in this brainchild.

Straying away from the book and movie, Mr. Xenomurphy took some liberties and made the assistant Victor’s best friend, Henry Clerval.


When you think about it, the whole thing is a bit surreal. Frankenstein’s monster was pieced together by his creator. This LEGO set was also pieced together by its creator. Makes you feel all … introspective, or something like that. Add some lightning, a creepy assistant, maybe a bit of fire (not so much that it scares the monster) and this scene would be complete.


Some of the other sets from Mr. Xenomurphy include Doctor Who, H.P. Lovecraft, and Shaun of the Dead. Personally, I think a scene from The Shining or from Halloween (the first one preferably).

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Via: MOCpages