BioShock Themed Keyboard Is A Treat For The PC Crowd

The BioShock trilogy of games has earned a special place in our hearts during this last cycle of gaming, and now it’s even inspiring hardware mods.

BioShock Keyboard 1

While this might not be the best keyboard for gaming, it surely is one of our favorite pieces inspired by gaming. The Steampunk piece was handcrafted by HannaLTD from Etsy, who dres inspiration from the BioShock franchise. The keyboard features a felt underlay below the keys, and has an “aged copper” effect for improved looks.

BioShock Keyboard 2

Now, the keyboard is not just a pretty thing. It’s also fully functional and up for sale for mere $130 USD. Don’t you want one of these for yourself?

BioShock Keyboard 3

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