PiePal: Emergency Pizza Ordering Device Is Brilliant

This is an emergency! We worked out today, and didn’t play video games! We might be getting healthy, so we need pizza! The greasier, the better. Mmm.

piepal pizza gadget

If you’ve ever been so hungry that you just couldn’t pick up the phone and order pizza, this device is for you. PiePal is a device solely dedicated to pizza ordering: just turn the dial, and select how many pizzas you want, then push the button, and the order will be automatically sent to Domino’s.

Marketing expert DJ Saul explained that the device is not ready just yet to be sold, as basically there’s been a lot of accidental pizza ordering (like that’s a problem). Also, there’s the issue that it can order just one pizza type, and that sort of is a more serious issue, you know, if they plan to compete with online ordering.

Check the PiePal at work just below these lines:

Source: Geekologie

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