Kloss DeLighTable Touch-Sensitive Coffee Table

Imagine going to a bar or a coffee shop and not only enjoying your drink, but you’re also entertained by your table most of the time. This isn’t far away.

The Kloss’ DeLighTable is a multi-touch sensitive table, which closely resembles the Microsoft Surface. Its pressure-sensitive screen lights up when your hands make contact with the table surface. Moreover, if your drink is set on top of it, the glass will immediately glow from underneath.

Kloss DeLighTable

The actual Kloss surface is only 2 cm thick, consumes only 12 volts of energy, and it is entirely water-proof.

This amazing product has been in development for over two years. Each table is made to order, and the typical lead time is about four to six weeks. The DeLighTable is now available at a price around $2300.

You can see a quick video demonstration below that I must admit is pretty amazing.