A Flight Simulation Package for your Home

Imagine strapping yourself to the pilot seat with a High Definition screen in front of you and taking flight.

There are many flight simulation games available but a chair and package built directly for these games is wonderful. The HotSeats 723 – Flight Simulator TRX Game Chair…by Game Chairs brings your flight simulation to a new ground.

This gaming chair includes everything for your test and continuing flights. A 1.8 GHZ gaming PC is provided, along with a 23″ High Definition LCD Screen, Dolby digital speakers and subwoofer, wireless mouse and keyboard and even a drink holder for those long flights. The seat of this chair is adjustable, and there is the ability to connect 3 electronics to it such as a DVD player, PS3, Wii, or Xbox.

At $5635 the price is a bit high but is somewhat fair, considering that it is an entire package from the ground up. Tech Specs and additional images can be found at the products page and here.

For the Flight Simulators Die Hard fans, this may be a complete new gaming experience.

Via: Geekologie

4 thoughts on “A Flight Simulation Package for your Home

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  3. Eran Abramson Post author.

    Hi Neece, thanks for your comment.

    It would be nice to have a bigger screen, but the chair is adjustable, so you are probably able to move it forward and closer for your gaming/viewing pleasure.
    For a personal experience it may be sufficient, but I think hardcore gaming fans will agree with you about the desire for a bigger screen.

  4. Neece.

    Hmm.. considering how far you are from the screen, I would think the monitor would have to be MUCH bigger for a better experience. Yes, sorry, for the price, I need a bigger screen. Not that I’m a hardcore gaming fan. 😛


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