World of Warcraft Helped Save a Life or Two

World of warceraftWho says video games are a waste of time? Who’s the one that said you can’t learn anything from playing these games? and Who would think you would actually use survival methods you learned from a video game, in real life?

A 12 year old Norwegian kid, Hans Jørgen Olsen, and his sister had a meeting with a wild moose that could have turned bad. Instead, the boy began taunting the animal as to take its mind of the girl. The sister got away, and the boy had to take care of himself. He played “possum” hoping the moose would lose interest in its dead adversary. This kid was right.

Hans mentioned that he learned both the taunting and playing dead method while playing World of Warcraft. I guess he won’t be told to stop playing video games for a while.

I was amazed when I read this story. This kid has actually managed to keep cool at such a time, come up with the correct strategies, and gave credit to a video game. As a lover of video games, I hope more positive stories can surface of such outcomes.

Have you heard of any other stories such as this?

Via: Ubergizmo, picture by rukiahollow