Street Fighter Lives!

How much time have you spent on the Street Fighter Video Games?

I have spent hours upon hours playing this classic video game. As more and more sequels and spin offs were released, so have my parents cried about my excessive use of quarters. I continually kept playing and tried getting better by improving combo moves, fighting using different characters, and setting certain time goals to keep up with.

The Street Fighter arcade game has been extremely addictive to most of my friends and myself. At the height of its popularity, we played the game on a daily basis staying at the arcade area for hours at a time. This game has also became so trendy in the past that a cheesy movie was released starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and Raúl Juliá, and also additional animated movies. Moreover, on a random day, you would be able to catch different kids attempting to imitate the different moves of their warrior of choice especially with Ryu’s signature yell of “Adoo’ooken”. Looking back now I can attest that it has been a long time since Street Fighter has been praised.

After a long awaited departure, the Street Fighter team is returning with Street Fighter 4. Although they do not give a straight answer of whether it is 2D or 3D, we do receive a response saying it is a mixture of the two. The fantastic video below shows both images and play of the long anticipated game. The demonstration also includes explanations and information of how and why it was created, brainstormed, and developed into the version to be released.

Will this new version put an end to the question of who the winner would be between Ryu or Ken? Will there be new characters and forces to be reckoned with?

So when the new Street Fighter 4 comes out, are you in or out?

Via: TechEBlog