Luke, Use the Force…for Evil

Would you like to be Darth Vader’s apprentice? Am I the only one who thinks that the Dark Side just looks a lot cooler? Star Wars is releasing a new game in the Summer of 2008 that will grant you the power of the force, to be used in the amazing ways we have seen in the movies.

This upcoming release contains so much more than just awesome graphics. The development team has actually combined three new technologies in order to enhance the freedom and possibilities of the Sith apprentice: Havoc, Euphoria, and DMM (Digital Molecular Matter).

Havoc is a simulating physics platform engine, which allows several different objects to be moved on the screen simultaneously. The amazing video shows a number of different objects are flying, exploding, and reacting in each single scene.

Euphoria lets objects react independently when an action is forced upon them. For example, if a storm trooper is being blown away by the force, it may grab at a nearby object or individual. It grants artificial intelligence to the other characters and subjects in the game as well. As it is mentioned in the developer’s explanations, this provides that no two reactions in the game are ever the same.

DMM (Digital Molecular Matter) makes objects react as they would in real life, as if everything actually has its specific weight and mass. It is clearly shown how glass actually shatters, and other items presented are disintegrated and blown. DMM brings a life like quality to all the items within the game.

The making of video below is extremely fascinating. It includes interviews with the developers and writers behind this outstanding looking video game. Furthermore, you can clearly realize the inspiration of the films brought to the player’s hands with unbelievable gameplay.

Star Wars: the Force Unleashed, will be available for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 and lets you use the force…for evil.

Via: TechEBlog

5 thoughts on “Luke, Use the Force…for Evil

  1. zwenkwiel.

    you’re description of euphoria is a bit off.
    what it basicly does is simulate the human (or alien)nervous and muscular systems.

  2. Eran Abramson.

    Hello Laice and Dom, thank you for your feedback.

    @Laice: I am glad you enjoy the posts.
    Based on the making of video, this game seems extremely exciting, and I look forward to its release. I think you are right, and this game will be one of the most popular games to be launched in the Summer.

    @Dom: “Perfect” is so difficult, but close to perfect would be satisfactory for me 😉
    If you run by additional games you think are amazing, please let us know.

  3. Dom.

    That looks awesome!
    From my memory of it though (I watched it about 12hrs ago), some of the glass shattering didn’t seem *perfect*. Maybe I need to watch it again 🙂
    Either way, it still looks great.


  4. Laice.

    excellent posts on the technical aspects of this game. Wait till it comes out, it will be the no.1 game of 2008, it will be an experience to remember.


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