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i-gotU USBWhen I was traveling many years ago, I was extremely excited at just having a digital camera to use. Since it was my first experience with digital cameras, I took pictures of everything I saw…hell, I could always delete the picture if I didn’t like it. Every time the card got close to being full, I would burn the images on a disc and continue with my picture taking. Since those days, I still haven’t documented my travels and put the pictures away in a neat and presentable fashion. Call me lazy, but I wish I had the i-gotU back in those days.

The i-gotU is a simple GPS receiver to connect with your digital camera for complete documentation of the country, city, and place the picture was taken at. At a later time, you may connect it to a computer and upload your images as a Blog of travel. It will remember what pictures are for what area, and present a visual map of your entire traveling experience.

This neat little gadget is water-resistant, compatible with both digital cameras and camera phones, and has a 20 hour battery life. During your next traveling expedition, the i-gotU can help you document the places and experiences a lot easier and also lets you share your entire travel blog quickly with all your friends and family.

Additional product specification and information is available for the USB version as well as the Bluetooth. A demo may also be seen, and for purchase you may check out Semson’s page.

6 thoughts on “Blog Your Travels Easily with i-gotU

  1. Eran Abramson.

    Hey Shyguy,

    This is a great gadget for those that are not interested in purchasing a new camera, but many cameras are beginning to integrate the GPS features into their upcoming models this year.

  2. Eran Abramson.

    Hi Zichi, Mathias, and LinJianyu, thank you for your visit.

    @Zichi: I have so many pictures that I still haven’t organized yet, and with time I forget the exact places I have been. Each picture has its own story, so this would help with one less thing to remember.

    @Mathias: I am pretty sure that the specification page, faq, or at worst an email to i-gotU would let you know if your exact camera is compatible. Since most cameras have a common connection to connect to the computer’s USB, so is this gadget.

    @LinJianyu: Thank you for the info, I will definitely be in contact with you shortly. 🙂

  3. LinJianyu.

    You must be very interested in digital devices,maybe we can become good friends because I have just the same interest.Don’t forget to drop me a line!My e-mail address is [email protected] and I am from China.

  4. Mathias.

    Nice device, but I wonder if it really works with all digital cameras and how it actually works? Nikon offers a similar (very expensive) device for their top model dSLR’s. I’m very interested in this as I plan to make a 3 month trip to Asia.

  5. zichi.

    wow! that a useful tool, when I go on vacation and get back home I can never remember which bars and clubs I visited, and who were those girls in my pic’s. Now when I go home this tech toy will give me all the necessary GPS so if I return for another vacation I can avoid those bars. I hate making a fool of myself twice in the same bar. Unlike me, its also alcohol resistant. Does this near little tech toy remember to write down the girl’s phone numbers. Probably that will be included in a future update.


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