Time is just a Blur

“No wonder you’re late. Why, this watch is exactly two days slow” – the Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland

Do not adjust your computer screen, this watch is created in a whirl.

The Whirled Clock

The Whirled Wall Clock may tell time just the same as all other clocks but also adds a little headache to the equation. At first look it seems fun and imaginative, but there is a small catch. You would expect some form of optical illusion only to find out that there isn’t one.

Inspired by the late Salvador Dali and his Persistence of Memory, this designer clock provides a new way to look at the time. Unlike the math clock that has equation which must be solved for accuracy, the clock hands of this one point to one exact slot.

Persistence of Memory

At only $34.95, it would go great with that lava lamp, black light, retro couch, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas showing in the back.