5 Fun and Easy to Use Face Generators

We share many photos with our friends and family. Sometimes we use a funny picture as a profile or buddy icon on our favorite social network. Either way, it is really fun to distort those photographs and create a different look or style.

I have ran across a number of different Face Generators that are extremely quick and easy to use. All you need is to upload an image of your choice and follow the simple instructions. Most of the times, one click will get the job done. Of course, since the only thing required is a picture, it doesn’t have to be a face portrait, but it is always fun to see those done.

  • Sketch Generator – Instead of paying a lot of money at a photo booth at your local mall, use a photo of your choice and give it the artist’s sketch look.
  • 3D Face Generator – While this doesn’t require an image, it develops a 3 dimensional shape of your face based on details you input.
  • Face Transformer Generator (pictured at top) – Just like it sounds, you transform a picture by changing age, race, and even gender.
  • Warhol Generator – The famous Andy Warhol style done to a picture of your choice. Watch your face displayed in different variety of colors and contrasts.

These different Generators were found on the wonderful Generator Blog. It is an entire blog that provides many different kinds of Generators for face distortion, slides creation, posters, and more. It is really fun to try the different choices provided because they are mostly so easy to use and are just a click away. Some additional examples are different band name generators, a funny Dr. Phil quote generator, Font Image Generator, and many more.

Whether you try the face generators or any of the other choices provided here or at the Generator blog, come back and tell us which are your favorites.

Have fun!