The iPhone iBand presents…Life Is Greater than the Internet

Do you love tech and music? Is having your musical instrument with you at all times important? Would you like to play piano or drums on your iPhone or iPod Touch and have your friends join in with theirs?

The iBand shows us the iPhone musical interface of Moo Cow Music in a rhythmic fashion. Create your tech band by playing music on one iPod Touch, join in with the skillful drummer on the iPhone, and also add some piano with a third Apple product of the two.

This is a pretty cool way to display some musical skills using your tech products. The user interface is simple, the sound is definitely audible, and the fun is up to you.

Below is a video demonstration of the iBand using three separate iPod Touch/iPhones. The theme song is “Life is Greater than the Internet”, which is actually available for download at their site.

So for those that own either of the two products, go out there and start making some music.

Via: TechEBlog