Use Your Camcorder for Underwater Filming

When I was in High School, a band my friend was in decided to make their own music video. Instead of going the easy route, the entire band unanimously decided to film an underwater live video; they wanted the entire musical equipment with them in a water filled pool for an entire track. Although this was a great concept, they had a hard time getting it done easily.

To bring all the equipment underwater and keep it down wasn’t as hard as one may think. They used old, non-working products and held them down with weights and rope. Besides keeping enough air to stay down for a long time, the difficult part was actually filming an entire video in water with a regular video camera. Since there was a problem creating an efficient water enclosure for the camera, the band had to do hundreds of shots.

The routine went something like this: the camera man said action, the band took a breathe and went under, then while the camera was in a see-through bag, it was lowered enough to tape.

There were a few times where the water almost seeped through, but in the end it was a wonderful success. Overall, they were very happy but always wished they invested an entire day making a waterproof cage for the camera prior to actually making the amateur video.

If you would also like to make an underwater music video, or even stay on the surface but film in the rain, by the waves, or in the shower…hmmm? then this Do It Yourself project could be your solution.


This is not a simple DIY project and for those still interested, the entire tutorial is provided at MIT. It may not be a 5 minute project but grants a great alternative to purchasing a watertight enclosure for your camera or camcorder. Some work is required but provides great productivity and also gives signs if water is leaking in, so you do not harm your camera.

Have any of you ever wanted to make a film where water was involved? Would you use such a solution for your photography and filming hobby?

If this project is not for you, what would be your solutions to film in a wet environment without ruining your cameras or camcorders?

Via: Makezine