This May Be The Only Solution For Microsoft Vista

I am one of the fortunate few that still uses Windows XP Operating System.

I have never had to downgrade, for I simply never upgraded or purchased a notebook already pre-installed with Windows Vista.

Based on what the negative opinions and videos of Windows users, it may simply be one of the worst operating systems ever brought out by the wonderful Microsoft.

If you are looking for a Vista solution, the one below may be a quick and easy one. The only downfall is the expensive house window replacement. But then again, based on Vista user’s feedback…it may be worth it.

You can find more great drawing by our friends Justin and Drew at Left Handed Toons.

5 thoughts on “This May Be The Only Solution For Microsoft Vista

  1. bfuzzled.

    When my last HP died, I built a fast cheap machine and loaded Ubuntu. I figured if I was going to change OS, I was changing from Windows. I can’t afford a Mac so free Linux was a great option. It IS MS Office compatible. It does have a ton of video and music programs free to download.

  2. hmm.

    I used XP for years. I found it to be reliable in that in crashed constantly and needed to be reinstalled all the time. I bought a laptop with Vista a few months ago and am very surprised at how stable and not horrible it is. I’m kinda waiting for it to start bugging out, but so far it has outperformed the negative reputation.

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  5. shyguy_2004.

    Considering that Vista is Spanish for “view” or “sight”, they named it right; I think people will have a better view of outside with that broken window Vista causes. Haha.


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