The Playstation 3 Laptop

The video game console war goes beyond just usability and specifications…it includes beauty as well.

The Playstation 3 has always looked the best in my eyes. Its shine, color and shape look amazing and seem extremely powerful and worthwhile. The major problem I have thought of is because of its size and stature, it is hardly a video game console that may be taken to go.

Unlike the newest PS2 models which are extremely thin, compact and easily packed, the PS3 is bulky and not easily carried…until a Playstation 3 concept laptop was built by the one and only Ben Heck.

This PS3 Laptop may still have a hefty weight (16 pounds), but it combines a Playstation 3 hardware with a running laptop.

This modification also includes a 17 inch HD screen, so the console capability and graphics can still be inspiring and shocking. In addition, it also consists of a 60 GB hard drive, built in keyboard, and stereo speakers, so you can have an entire Playstation 3 mobile package.

This PS3 concept mod will be up for auction, for the long and amazing work put into it. I for one may not be able to afford it, but can still praise its ingenuity.

You can enjoy the hands on video of the Playstation 3 Laptop right below.

Via: ConceptPopVia: Engadget