Cellphone for the Nearly Blind


Cellphones out today offer more and more options for a bigger screen, more features, colors, animation and more. But not everyone needs the extended visual features, especially those that may have difficulties seeing them. The Sens cellphone by Takumi Yoshida is one for the visually impaired (or nearly blind) individuals.

First of all, the screen was taken away. Instead of wasting precious cellphone area on a feature that its utility will be decreased for those with sight disabilities, the focus is on its usability.


The keys are all textured differently, so that each key has its own distinct sense. This is similar to the Braille language, so individuals aware of this difference would be able to dial a number without the need to see. In addition, since this is for the “nearly” blind, there are lit sidebars on the phone which announce different alerts or messages…again, without the need of a screen.

The concept may be helpful, but is it really enough to answer the needs for those it aims?


Via: Yanko Design