Free NES games on Firefox with FireNes


The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) is resurfacing in so many different ways. We can see just a few examples in different creations which praise its greatness such as the NES controller coffee table mod, an ode to the NES by a monopoly version based on Nintendo and its characters, and also an ability for you to play any NES game right on your Firefox browser using the free FireNes.

Although the FireNes site is in Spanish, it is very simple to install and begin playing. Simply select “Instalar” (install) at their site and relaunch Firefox. Once you have the window open again, go to tools and select FireNes, which will bring up the menu of the games. Choose your game of choice and go on playing. You can also right click a game in order to check its options and learn the correct controls.

Go on, have a good time, you deserve it. Go play some of the old classics of the NES.

Via: Technabob