Skype Laughter Chain: Laughter is the Best Medicine on Video Chat


Are you familiar with Skype? Probably so. Most likely you are one of the millions of Skype users, which have downloaded and used this application to make free voice and video chats worldwide. For additional promotion of their live video chat, Skype has turned to laughs with the Skype Laughter Chain.

This is not a chain letter, email, or riddle!

It is simply a way for your to get a quick laugh and watch yourself laughing with it. A video is presented at the site, where you may simply watch various people laughing. You can always attempt to hold the laughter in, but after a few seconds, someone is bound to make you laugh – that is where the fun begins. As you watch other users cracking up, you in fact see yourself laughing with them and adding another persona to the laughter chain. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Skype has really created a fun atmosphere with the laughing chain by bringing many strangers together in many different sessions. A section is even available for anyone who would like to learn about laughter.

It is available for Windows and Mac users, so there really isn’t any excuse keeping you from going and grabbing a quick laugh.

Thanks so much to Alex for the link and info.