Drag and Drop into your Cellphone just like in Photoshop

What is this clip trying to convey? It drags you (no pun intended) throughout the entire commercial, making you wonder what it is promoting: Microsoft Surface, Apple iPhone 3G, or another amazing gadget that would bring the physical world to our digital devices. What would let us drag and drop pictures and actions into our phone, tablet or other device? In the end, the attractiveness reminded me of the Fun 10 Optical Illusions video, but left me questioning the motive. Is this an unsuccessful viral video, one just in the preliminary stages (I guess also didn’t do its viral job), or just a regular commercial?

So it is for the Samsung F480…meaning what exactly? What will this phone grant us? Is it placing itself as a competitor for the iPhone 3G, the Nokia N96, or just wants to stand alone?

Thanks Jaime for the link.