House of Pain: Max Payne Video Game Coming to the Big Screen


When I first bought Max Payne for my Playstation 2 a while back, my home became the House of Pain. I was so excited and spend so much time playing the game, that I couldn’t stop. Although it wasn’t such a long video game, I ended up playing it over and over because the slow motion effect scenes were so fun. When you were Max Payne, you felt as if you were starring in some action film: looking really cool as well as feeling the horrid pain the character was in. Now an action film is released for Max Payne and with different video games being made into movies, I think this one truly deserves it. If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought the game was actually made based on a film.


Expected to be released October 17th, Max Payne stars Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis. It resembles the dark and morbid style of the game, and in the clip below you can see the comic-like sequences, including dark colors and a touch of blood.


I wonder if Max Payne the movie will end up being like every other action flick or will leave chills like the original game has. There were “dream sequences” in Max Payne the video game which had you walking through blood-like trails with baby cries to accompany your move. Those parts were awful and may have been added just to make it a bit morbid and disturbing. I guess you just had to be there…or you may actually not have wanted to.


Besides the great still images of the movie, you can also watch the Max Payne trailer below.


Via: Albotas