Homemade Lego Record Player Performs Black Sabbath’s Ironman


It isn’t everyday that you run across a homemade project that combines a childhood toy and one of Rock’s most popular songs. This homemade project of a record player is practically entirely made out of Legos, with the only exceptions being the paper cone, foil inside the cone, needle and of course…the record. Still, the record player is fully functional and exemplifies that with the complete song of Iron Man from Black Sabbath.

This is just beautiful! I do not own a record player at home, but wouldn’t mind building one from old Lego bricks that are stored away. Based on the details of the video, these guys have created this prior to the popular comic book movie the Ironman. This of course means they are Black Sabbath fans first and maybe Robert Downey Jr. fans second.

You may or may not listen to records, but which would you rather have at home? A major product store bought or a homemade Lego record player?

8 thoughts on “Homemade Lego Record Player Performs Black Sabbath’s Ironman

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  6. Leif.

    Why would it be fake!? It’s a pretty simple concept. Pretty much like the the original phonographs.The trickiest part must be trying to match the RPM’s, it sounds a little too fast.
    Good job!

  7. Chung Dha.

    Doubt it is real. Plus doubt the original black sabbath vinyl got Ironman saying Ironman in the begin of the song. Most probably they just got a computer on the back running the song out of a speaker.


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