Radiohead Videos Amaze Again with Laser Technology


[UPDATE: The Radiohead Video is out, and I have added it. If afterward you want more…there is more: the full effect (better visualization), the House of Cards making of video and also you can have fun with the video yourself with the viewer.]

Radiohead videos have always been something to look forward to. Some wonderful Radiohead videos worth praising are Street Spirit (video below), Paranoid Android, Karma Police, and more. When I heard of Radiohead making a new video, I already knew it would be something amazing, but I didn’t expect Laser technology.


So what have Radiohead employed here? I wouldn’t even try to explain the laser technology Radiohead used, accept mention it involves Geometric Informatics and Velodyne Lidar. It has something to do with structured lights, lasers and 3D.


Supposedly, these still images are from this upcoming Radiohead video, where it releases a song from their newest album In Rainbows. The name of the song is “House of Cards”.


In case you are not familiar with Radiohead songs or their videos, I have added an old favorite for your pleasure.


Via: Pitchforkmedia