USB Flash Drive to Pop Bottle Caps

Most of us carry a usb flash drive with us almost everywhere we go. Being such a small gadget and accessory, it is easy to carry, grants us the ability to have documents, files and more with us everywhere, and is simply needed in today’s world. Along with our keys and other pocket accessories, our pockets start to become really heavy, bulky and uncomfortable. This USB flash drive is a simple way to combine two great products into one practical gadget: a usb disk on key and a bottle cap opener.

The USB Flash Drive Bottle Opener by TrekStor has a storage capacity of up to 16GB, which is more than enough for most individuals. These drives begin at 7 Euros ($10) for the 1GB capacity and go up to 50 Euros ($71) for the 16GB bottle opening thumb drive.

I know a few that have a bottle opener attached to their keychain and also a USB flash drive, but why have both when you can have one product with two uses?

Via: Gizmag