Replug: Save Your Laptop and Portable Audio Jacks

Replug is a wonderful way to reduce earphone jack wear and tear. Have your earphones ever been accidentally pulled out of the jack forcefully? Have you ever listened to music on your notebook using earphones when you pulled away while listening, only to horribly detach the earphones from the jack?

We sometimes do not notice, but accidental wear and tear happens more often than we would like. We are so carried away when listening to music, watching a movie or viewing our favorite TV shows, that we do not notice the accessories are still attached. As we pull away and cause an unprecedented detachment, we cringe and promise ourselves to pay more attention. Although we do not usually lie to ourselves, it is sometimes difficult to remember such promises and we unfortunately hurt our most prized possessions. This is where REPLUG comes in to reduce the worry and save the day.

What is REPLUG? These are earphone attachments which are flexible, durable and take away the worry of ruining your earphone cords, plugs, and jacks.

The video below shows a customer demonstrating the Replug adapters in action. As presented, your earphones go into the the Replug adapter plugs which in turn plug in your computer (or music player) jack. Besides the flexibility provided, in case you pull too hard, the cord gets caught, or other additional hazards surface, the REPLUG adapter pulls away from the product without harming the jack. The actual plug remains inside the jack and can be independently removed and attached right back to the adapter. A continuous visual example is within the video.

Replug currently have adapters made for regular earphone jacks or iPhones. It is a simple and extremely practical accessory for our mp3 players, media players, laptop jacks and more portable gadgets.