Huge Lego Aircraft Carrier gets Respect

This huge lego Aircraft carrier is a sight for the eyes. Someone decided to take a model project and grow it ten times over. The intricate details of this giant aircraft carrier can be seen within its base, the various items gathered on deck, and the tiny aircraft employees working and waving to passing individuals.

While the size of this Lego aircraft carrier is apparent, one of the pics show it floating in the water, which also grants a different size perspective. It shows the massive space it takes and make me appreciate the builder even more.

While technology attempts to make products smaller and easier to carry on a day to day basis, Lego artists take the other path. The Giant Lego Mario is a perfect recent example, the Watchmen Nite Owlship is another, and even the custom Lego Sushi combination is a great creation.

Via: Villard

3 thoughts on “Huge Lego Aircraft Carrier gets Respect

  1. Gummi.

    You know people say that people who have time to do this have no life… Thats where they are wrong, it requires time(Yes) and intelligence far above average too do this. So basically this person didint waste his time, he made a masterpiece, this is like painting an art, except with Legos.


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