PS3 Update Firmware 2.5 and Home 1.0 Coming This October

Playstation 3 2.5 Firmware update

Just when everyone was talking about and waiting for the 2.43 Firmware update for PlayStation 3, Sony just came through and surprised us with the news about the latest PS3 2.5 firmware update and Home 1.0 update.

PS3 update 2.5 2.43

A user named “TedTheDog” with access to Home beta forum took a screen shot of the news and posted it online. Plans are that the bug that currently freezes PS3 systems running the beta and also giving users sporadic Network errors will be fixed too with the new Home 1.0 update and Playstation 3 Firmware 2.5 Update. “TedTheDog” wrote in the thread, “”Late October is my guess.” The Home version for the PS3 is currently at 0.98 beta.

PlayStation Blog via Joystiq