Small Computer Keyboard Fits in Your Palm

If you ever needed a small keyboard for your business or personal QWERTY needs while away from home, this palm sized keyboard may be the right fit. It provides all the necessary keys for everyday use, but is small enough to fit in your pocket easily.

While many PDA’s and smartphones offer an onboard QWERTY keyboard or even a somewhat efficient application, it is many times not as comfortable as feeling the press of the keys. Until the Haptic technology is perfected or another viable solution is developed, small keyboards such as this provide the practicality we seek.

There are other convenient keyboards that are a small fit in the top computer keyboard collection, but this new one just seems right. It has 56 keys and connects by USB port. In addition, it is only $25.

The pictures illustrate its true size next to the iPod Touch and even on top of a regular computer keyboard.

Via: Brando