Electric LED PSP Gadget is Disco in Your Hands

While we wait for the PSP 3000 to be released next month, we can begin a disco party with the current electric gadget found in the Playstation Portable model available. While the many bright LEDs shining right on the popular Sony gaming console are exciting, it seems that it would steal focus from the actual games.

This Disco Playstation Portable employs 30 separate electric LED’s to create a video game gadget which provides a dazzling light show that may have the ability to cause seizures. The flashing lights, bright colors, and visual display are definitely amazing but don’t really give any practical use. On a good note, it is great though that it reacts based on audio output the user selects, so I guess you can truly use it to entertain your own Disco Party with the music you choose.

Check out the exciting electric disco show with the Playstation Portable video below.